November 2011

Mattel Cleans Up Its Act

"Greenpeace is unhappy with Mattel as the brand buys their packaging from Asia Pulp and Paper."

Mattel has recently come under fire for using packaging paper from the Indonesian rain forest.  Greenpeace has stated on their website that Barbie is destroying rain forests in order to keep herself in "pretty packaging".  Needless to say Mattel is unimpressed with these accusations.

Holiday Barbie Guide

"Happy Holiday Barbie Dolls were in production from 1988 to 1998."

In 2008, Barbie celebrated the 20th anniversary of Holiday Barbie Dolls. For girls across the globe, Christmas just would not be Christmas without the release of a glamorous new Barbie. It is likely a safe assumption to say that nearly every girl has memories of waking up to Barbie Dolls under the tree on Christmas morning. From Barbie clothes to accessories to houses to cars, Barbie is a Christmas staple. 

Barbie for a Tween's Christmas

As Christmas approaches, I suddenly realize that my daughter has turned into a tween. All those days of simply satisfying her biggest Christmas wishes of getting Barbie toys has diminished.  She has now turned into a tech monster; all she wants is a mp3 player, laptop or tablet, money and clothes. Seeing that she has spent the majority of her early formative years as the world's biggest Barbie fan in my opinion; I think that it is only fitting that I put a Barbie style spin on her gifts this year to keep with tradition.

Is the Tokidoki Barbie Worth Getting Upset About?

People all over the world have been criticizing the Barbie doll since it's invention, 52 years ago.  They claim her body shape sets unrealistic expectations for young girls.  Another common complaint is that her ditsy character traits are not setting a good example for children.  So it is no surprise that the collector Barbie doll the "Tokidoki" is rubbing parents the wrong way.

Barbie is Not So Popular in China!

Take that, Barbie!


I’ve been incredibly jealous of Barbie for a long time, but now it’s my turn to feel a little self-righteous about everyone’s favorite aging blonde surfer-girl. According to a recent article in Businessweek, Barbie is not popular in China. 


Ha, ha. Barbie! Take that! Mattel opened a Barbie store in the spring of 2011 and the store is already closed. The Chinese children obviously have a little different taste when it comes to dolls than the American kids do. 

The Holiday Barbie Collectible Doll

The Holiday Barbie has long been a popular and favorite collectible among people of all ages. Originally released in 1988, the Holiday Barbie has been produced for over 20 years.

The original Holiday Barbies were released under the name of “Happy Holiday Barbie”. These Barbies were first released in 1988 and continued to be released under that name until the final was released in 1998. This marked the end of a continual Holiday Barbie series. After 1998, the Holiday Barbies were released under a series of different names. Listed below are the names of the following Barbies.
  • 1999: Millennium Barbie
  • 2000-2002: The Celebration Series
  • 2003: Winter Fantasy
  • 2004-Present: Holiday Barbie

What made these Barbies special was the fact that they were dressed in beautiful holiday dresses and were only released for a limited time each year. In addition to these Barbie dolls, each year a matching Holiday Ornament was released as well. These ornaments were a small replica of the Holiday Barbie and were first released in 1993. Since then there have been over 100 ornaments released.

Developing a Barbie Collecting Strategy

Introduced in 1959, Barbie took the world by storm. Other the years, Barbie has faced some doll competition. However, the original doll still ranks at the top for doll collector. If you are a modern Barbie collector, you have thousands of choices. Collecting them all is almost impossible. Developing a strategy can make collecting a little easier. Focusing on a couple different types, whether fashion, celebrity, pink box, or porcelain.  

Grace Kelly the Romance Doll

Adult collectors who love Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco,  will want to own the latest stunning Grace Kelly doll. Known for her sophisticated glamour, the American actress won over hearts across the country with her charm and charisma. In 2011, Mattel introduced the limited edition Grace Kelly Romance Doll. The doll replicates the 1950s elegance Grace Kelly embodied. The Barbie is wearing an exact replica of the exquisite floral dress Grace Kelly wore when she met her husband-to-be at the Cannes Film Festive in 1955. 

The Grace Kelly Romance Doll is wearing long sleeves and white gloves. The fitted bodice flares into a full skirt. The headpiece coordinates perfectly with the dress. She also hears lovely navy pumps.

In addition, the doll comes with a second outfit. The outfit is inspired by the dark navy coat and fitted v-neck dress also in the navy color she wore to Monaco to plan the wedding. Matching sling-back heels are also include. Other accessories are a white, wide brimmed hat, white scarf, sunglasses, pearl bracelet, and delicate bouquet of white violets. 

The Grace Kelly doll's striking blue eyes, fluttery lashes, pink lips. Her golden blonde hair is pulled back neatly and tucked under her headdress to show her dainty pearl earrings. The retail price for the Miss Kelly doll is approximately $139-$159, depending on the retailer. 

The clothing on the Grace Kelly doll is designed specifically to fit the body of the Silkstone Barbie collection. It is not intended for use on other Barbie dolls. 

How To Store Your Collectible Barbie Dolls

If you are purchasing your Barbie dolls to add on to your collection, then you will want to make sure that you do everything in your power to keep the doll safe from damage. This is especially important if you purchase them as an investment and plan to sell them many years later.

If you wish to keep your Barbie doll in its original box, there is one step that you can take to keep the doll in tiptop condition. You will want to poke tiny holes into the collectible’s box. This will help to prevent any mold or mildew from forming inside the box.

No matter how you store your Barbie, whether it is in a box or on stands, do not store the Barbie dolls in the attic, garage, or basement. The temperatures can fluctuate greatly throughout the year in these rooms, which can ruin the materials the Barbie dolls are made of.