Barbie - Royal Wedding Gift Set

Barbie - Royal Wedding Gift Set

The newest set of dolls for the Barbie collector is set to be released in April 2012. This doll set will be released just in time to commemorate the first anniversary of its models. In case you couldn’t tell from the image, these dolls are modeled after the Bride and Groom of the most recent Royal Wedding.

Now known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Catherine will forever have their wedding day immortalized by these iconic dolls. Designed by Robert Best, the Royal Wedding Gift Set is one of Mattel’s “Gold Label” sets.

The Catherine doll wears an exquisite white gown that is modeled after the original gown designed by Alexander McQueen. The gown, made of ivory colored taffeta, is trimmed with faux pearls and lace. To finish off the bride’s appearance, a beautiful silver tiara, dangling earrings, and engagement ring make up the accessories. And, of course, a bride wouldn’t be a bride without the traditional wedding bouquet.

As for the William doll, he is not to be outdone by his bride to be. As with the bride, the groom doll is modeled after the outfit he wore to the wedding, the Irish Guard uniform. The main portion of the outfit is the red uniform decorated with a sash of blue and the appropriate medals. To finish off the groom’s uniform, a golden cummerbund encircles the waist and a pair of black slacks with a red stripe complete the look.

This Gift Set can currently be purchased for $100 and is sure to be a must have for any collector.