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Caring For Your Collectibles

As with anyone who collects something special to them, it is important to properly take care of their collection. This couldn't be truer than for those who collect Barbie dolls. Although many people aren’t aware, there are certain things that can affect the life and condition of Barbie dolls such as shoes, how they are displayed, and sunlight.

When it comes to shoes, many don’t know that storing your collectible Barbie doll with it’s shoes on can lead to staining of the feet. In order to prevent this, it’s a simple thing to just keep the shoes off of the feet. If your doll is on display and you want the shoes to been seen, display the shoes next to the doll instead. Additionally, having the shoes on the feet of the Barbie can also lead to the shoes splitting over time.

When it comes to displaying the Barbie, you will want a stand that holds the Barbie off the bottom of the display case or surface. This will help to keep pressure off of the Barbie’s legs. Doing this is very important because overtime, the legs of the Barbie may become bowlegged from the pressure.

A final display tip is to keep the dolls out of direct sunlight. Exposure to sunlight can lead to discoloration of the dolls body and clothes. If it is hard to keep the doll out of light, an alternative may be to tint either the display case the Barbie is in or to tint the windows near the dolls. This will help to filter out the light that hits the doll.