Barbie: Dolls of the World

Barbie: Dolls of the World

Princess Collection

One of the greatest things about Barbie dolls, at least to me, is the different collections that are released throughout the years. One of the collections that I find to be the most beautiful is the Dolls of the World collection. This collection has many different varieties, and my personal favorite is the Princess Series.

In this series, the dolls are released in the gowns that are inspired by the country or time period that Barbie is meant to represent. While not always factual, the dolls do provide a stunning show of the various fashions. This collection was first released in 2001 and continued having dolls added to it through 2005. In total there have been 19 dolls released in this collection.

The first doll in this collection is the Princess of the French Court. The clothing of this doll was inspired by the Age of Chivalry. Other dolls in this collection include the Princess of India, Princess of the Incas, Princess of Ireland, Princess of China, Princess of the Danish Court, Princess of South Africa, Princess of Japan, Princess of the Vikings, Princess of England, Princess of Ancient Greece, Princess of Cambodia, Princess of Ancient Mexico, Princess of the Navajo, Princess of the Renaissance, Princess of the Korean Court, and Princess of Imperial Russia. Although these dolls are no longer available, they can often be found on Barbie collector sites or at auctions.

These dolls were released in the Pink Label of the Barbie collection level, meaning that they were widely available and often could be found in different stores.