Barbie Family and Friends

Barbie Family and Friends

Skipper, Stacie, Chelsea, and more

Barbie isn’t the only doll sold by the Mattel Company. Other dolls that can be purchased are Barbie’s family and friends. Among Barbie’s family is her three sisters : Skipper, Stacie, and Chelsea.

Skipper is the oldest of Barbie’s sisters. The first Skipper doll was released in 1964 and was originally released as a shorter version of the Barbie doll. This doll was released to help diminish the claims of Barbie being a sex symbol. Instead of making her a mother, they introduced Skipper as a younger sister she could babysit. Originally, Skipper was released with different hair colors, but eventually only blonde Skippers were produced.

Barbie’s middle sister Stacie was originally introduced with the name Kelly. Kelly was then released as a different doll. This Skipper/Kelly doll was released in 1990. The first set Stacie was introduced in was Midge’s Wedding Day set where she was portrayed as a bridesmaid. Stacie can now be found as part of the “Barbie Sisters” series of toys.

Chelsea is the youngest of Barbie’s sisters and can be found in the “Barbie Sisters” series of toys. As the youngest child, she is around the age of a toddler. In many of the sets that Chelsea can be found in she is accompanied by one of her older sisters. Sets that she can be found in include “Barbie Sisters Bike For Two”, “Skipper and Chelsea Skate Date”, and “Sleep Out Skipper and Chelsea”.

In addition to these three sisters, Barbie used to have two additional siblings. These siblings were the twins Todd and Tutti. They were released during the years of 1965 and 1971.