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The Careers of Barbie

Although Barbie’s first career was that of a teenage fashion model, throughout the years she has had many other careers as well.  Currently, there is a line of Barbie called “I Can Be…”. This line features Barbie in certain career roles that children can have her act out. Each Barbie doll in this series comes with a career outfit and accessories. The careers for this line cover a variety of subjects from being a chef to a movie star to a doctor.

In addition to a doll and accessories, each “I Can Be…” doll comes with a special online code that allows the children to download extra career related content.

Popular  “I Can Be…” Play Sets

 Zoo Doctor: With this play set children can have Barbie take care of baby zoo animals such as a monkey and koala. Barbie can take x-rays, weigh the animals, and give them a bath.

Pediatric Doctor: With this Barbie play set children can have Barbie take care of her little patient Kelly. Barbie can exam Kelly for problems, measure her growth, test her eyes, and test the bold pressure. If needed Barbie can put a cast on Kelly, give her a band-aid, give her glasses, and give her a lollipop for being good.

Architect: The Architect Barbie comes with a small house, a blueprint tube, and a hard hat. Using the online content, children can help Barbie to design her dream home.

News Anchor: This doll comes with a camera and microphone so Barbie can always be ready to report the news. Additionally, online content can be unlocked to further explore the role. This doll was 125th career for Barbie and was voted on by children all around the world.