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Popular Barbie Gifts For Girls

3 Story Townhouse, Princess Charm School DVD, Twilight and Baby Caregiver.

Barbie dolls have long been a popular toy to give as a gift to girls. Barbie gifts can range from just a simple doll to Barbie accessories to Barbie DVDs and CDs.

One of the most popular gifts to give is the Barbie 3-story dream townhouse. This townhouse boasts a hefty price tag, but offers a wonderful play space for girls to play with their dolls. One of the features of this toy is that it can makes sounds of a home. These sounds include doorbells, kitchen timers, fireplace sounds, and sounds of a shower.

When it comes to DVDs, one of the more popular ones is the Barbie Princess Charm School DVD. This recently released DVD features Barbie starring as a young girl named Blair. Blair attends the Princess Charm School and resembles the kingdom’s long lost princess. Throughout the course of the movie, Blair must prove her true identity.

Another popular Barbie gift for girls is the Twilight collection of Barbies. Among the Twilight dolls are Edward, Bella, Alice, and Victoria. With these dolls, girls can act out many scenes from the popular Twilight series.

When it comes to the regular Barbie doll, one of the popular ones is the Baby Caregiver doll play set. This play set comes with a doll, a baby, a baby swing, and a baby play yard. With this play set girls can “try on” the role of a baby caregiver. In addition to the doll set, extra online content can be accessed online.