Real life Barbie doll

Real life Barbie doll

The new Internet star.

The Internet has made many regular folks into celebrities overnight.  Typically, their stardom lasts only for about 15 minutes.  But during that time, they do manage to gain a great following of fans.  Right now, an online celebrity that is getting a lot of attention is Valeria Lukyanova.

Who is Valeria Lukyanova?  She is a real life Barbie doll.  Her online photos and her YouTube videos have been seen by many, and they have stirred up a lot of reactions amongst the viewers.  Not only does she physically resemble the famous doll, but she also got the stiff poses and the blank stare down.

There is a lot of controversy when it comes to Valeria Lukyanova.  A lot of people question whether or not she actually even exists in real life.  Her blank stare and the unreal body proportion that she possesses are causing a great number of people to insist that she simply is not a real person.  Instead, they believe that she is a Photoshopped image that cannot be seen in real life.

Fans of Valeria Lukyanova see her as a beauty.  Some even want to look like her.  However, not everyone who has seen her pictures is a fan of the real life Barbie doll.  The biggest complaint from non-fans is that Valeria Lukyanova looks creepy.  Many also think that she looks as if she has an eating disorder.

So what are your thoughts upon seeing a photo of Valeria Lukyanova?  Are you a newly converted fan?  Or are you a bit freaked out by her resemblance to Barbie?