Dexter Serial Killer Dolls on Toys-R-Us Shelves Infuriate Man and Scare Barbie Dolls

Dexter Serial Killer Dolls on Toys-R-Us Shelves Infuriate Man and Scare Barbie Dolls

Any Barbies hanging out in the previously-safe aisles of Toys-R-US may want to start taking some self-defense classes now that "Dexter"- a famed serial killer with his own TV show- now has his own line of dolls being sold in Toys-R-Us.

Jim Schultz of Ohio was one of the first (if not the first) to spot and complain about the inappropriateness of Dexter the Serial Killer lying in wait for Barbie on the same shelves.

"I've seen the Toys R Us commercials, I didn't see a 30-something-year-old guy dancing around with the kids and the giraffe," Schultz said. "There isn't a serial killer Ken.  He doesn't come with a hack saw and a trash bag to put Barbie's head in."

Dexter's action figure comes with bloody gloves and a hack saw, which may be disturbing for young children and probably even some adults for that matter.

The store in question responded that none of the eight Dexter dolls that were originally stocked on the shelves are left and that the store will not be re-stocking the shelves with the serial killer's likeness, which should come as a relief to Barbie and any other unsuspecting young dolls or action figures on shelves nearby. The Toys-R-Us store in question also claims that the dolls were marked as, "Not intended for children." The store has not said exactly who the serial killer dolls were intended for, as adults seeking action figures as collector's and novelty items do not usually shop in Toys-R-Us stores due to the sheer volume of over-enthusiastic children in the stores.

The blogosphere isn't exactly humming with the news about the serial killer's infiltration onto the Toys-R-Us shelves. One blogger writes that Barbie is equally as criminal because of the sheer number of eating disorders that she spawns in young girls and the arch-nemesis' of Batman and other Superheroes are just as bad as the serial killer Dexter.

Personally, I just fear for the safety of Barbie against Dexter; she is not exactly known for her intelligence and he is a serial killer remniscent of Ted Bundy.