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Spoiled Barbie Gets Her Dream House Remodeled

Lucky Barbie!




Barbie, Barbie, Barbie. 


I feel like Jan Brady complaining about Marcia Brady.; I know I shouldn’t complain, but it’s quite obvious that Barbie gets everything she ever wants. She always gets Ken--whether that’s a good thing or not is debatable--she gets to keep her gorgeous figure without even working out, and she just got her Dream House remodeled and all paid for by her Pimp Daddy Mattel. 


It must be nice to be Barbie. 


Barbie’s new Dream House isn’t just any ordinary house; no, Barbie’s new house has a chandelier made of hair. And not just anyone’s hair, either. The hair on the chandelier is made of Barbie’s own hair. There is also a mirror made from sixty-five different Barbies, which I think reflects the general public’s desire to maim Barbie at some level. Mattel didn’t just hire any ordinary interior designer either. The interior remodel on the expansive 3,500 square foot Malibu Barbie Dream House was done  by interior designer Jonathon Atler. In typical Barbie fashion, every single thing in the house is pink, including the game room. 

I hate it that I feel envious of Barbie’s new remodel. It’s not necessarily my style; it’s just hard to accept the fact that whatever Barbie wants, Barbie gets without lifting a single finger. And, it’s obvious from the photographs of the house that Jonathon Atler tailored the Malibu Barbie Dream home specifically to suit Barbie’s needs. He is known for designs that are dedicated to bringing "style, craft, and joy, and general feeling of grooviness to your home.“ He definitely achieved this with Barbie's house, which he described as "happy chic."


While most of us could probably not afford to hire Jonathon Atler for any interior decorating, Jonathon Atler has a lot of items available for sale to the general public on his website. That said, don’t expect to be able to purchase too many things from Barbie’s house. If there are any chandeliers with Barbie-like hair on his website, I couldn’t find them.


Many Barbie fans and craftspeople actually take the time to remodel the miniature Barbie dream houses for their children, nieces, and possibly pets. This post shows pictures from one woman’s creative Barbie house remodel; note that this particular remodel is NOT in all pink. 


How would you remodel a Malibu Barbie Dream Home?