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Miss Barbie

I love Barbie. “Barbie” is most famously known by others as the fashion doll in the world. The first launch of Barbie in March 1959 by business woman and creator, Ruth Handler, used the creation of a German doll as her inspiration behind the creativity of Barbie. The success of Barbie has become the top toy doll figure in the brand empire of Mattel, Inc. For about 50 years, the creation of Barbie has become an important icon and toy fashion doll in the market. Many controversies surrounding the famous toy icon doll had become the subject of inappropriate use of parody jokes mocking Barbie about her lifestyle and look in many lawsuit battles.

The history behind the making of Barbie is quite fascinating. Ruth Handler, the creator of Barbie, watched her daughter Barbara playing with paper dolls, and acting out each of her dolls roles in adult manners. During the late 1950’s, toy dolls were very popular amongst infants and children. After watching her daughter play, Ruth decided to tell her husband about the idea of creating toy dolls. Ruth’s husband named Elliot was a co-founder of famous Mattel Toy Company. At first Elliot was not very pleased about the idea of creating toy dolls through his toy company, as well as the directors of Mattel.

Ruth and her husband Elliot decided to take a family trip with their children Barbara and Kenneth to Europe. While on vacation in Europe, Ruth came upon a German toy doll named “Bild Lilli.” After admiring the beautiful German toy doll, Ruth purchase the dolls giving a doll to her daughter and then taking the remaining toy dolls back to Mattel Toy, Inc. Bild Lilli, the German toy doll was based on a character in a comic strip. The German toy doll was about an independent, busy working young woman who passionately pursued her goals and dreams in life. Returning back home to the United States, Ruth started working on the design of her toy doll with the help from a good friend. Ruth then decided to name the doll Barbie, after her young daughter Barbara. In 1959, Barbie launched her first major public appearance at the American International Toy Fair located in New York City. This important historical event also marked Barbie’s first birthday as well.

The first distribution of Barbie wore a fashionable printed swimsuit with a popular signature look of her ponytail. This Barbie look was originally blonde. Many parents were extremely upset over the appearance of Barbie criticizing on the look of the doll’s revealing breasts and outfits. Barbie was heavily advertised on public television across the nation with very successful sales of the popular toy figurine model. In early 2009, Barbie celebrated her 50th birthday anniversary.

Does Barbie have a real name? Yep, folks she does! Barbie’s real full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts. Barbie is also famously known as having an on-off again romantic relationship with Ken, whom is a male toy doll. It is also widely known that Barbie loved to live a luxurious lifestyle surrounded by pets, convertibles, traveling, huge house, and of course, being a busy working woman as well. Mattel Toy, Inc. also features Barbie as a woman having a variety of career roles in her life such as Chef Barbie, Nurse Barbie, Police Barbie and much more.   

I have been a huge Barbie fan since a small girl. I especially love the fact that Miss Barbie herself is always styling in the best fashion, shoes, and accessories suitable for her many different career tastes. I used to always want to dress up just like Barbie when I was younger and imitating her every moves. A close family friend of mine gave my sister and I Barbie dolls when we were very young girls. I remembered dressing up Barbie in many fashionable outfits and styling her hair too. Playing with Barbie was a childhood memory of mine. I am happy I had gotten to experience the joy of playing with Barbie. Barbie will always remain a fashion toy doll icon to me.  


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